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About Us

                    The story starts with our founder, Mr. Suresh Dabade. A a truly extraordinary leader, a strategic genius, a man with the vision of an empire builder? He Laid down the foundation of a successful construction business in the 2006 Provided a vision to develop suburbia as a viable town planning strategy Pioneered the concept of top quality, affordable housing Pioneered the concept of cooperative housing society Satyam Builder is one of Pune’s most reputed Construction and development company. Satyam Builder has emerged as a key player in the industry. And taking Satyam Builder to these heights of success are the organization’s significant features like high quality.

          The primary emphasis has always been on efficiency in superior planning and in rapid execution and superior quality of construction. All the divisions such as construction, architectural & RCC design, sales & property services, legal, liaison etc. are housed under one roof, allowing for efficiency in planning and decision making.

          Every organization is successful because of its people and Satyam Builder succeeds given the leadership that takes it ahead – The director Mr.Suresh Dabade.

About the Director
Yellow Rose

The Director Mr. Suresh Dabade spent the first year of his career in various reputed construction companies and was committed his efforts in various social works. Finally In 2006 he founded Satyam Builder to specialise in the construction & development sector and worked with the boards of hundreds reputed companies. With over 20 years experience of the Construction & Development sector Mr. Suresh Dabade has previously involved in several Social works holding a host of senior citizen including Managing Director.